Momena Agro Farm is not a simple goat rearing & sailing organization. It is such an organization that is working for preservation of good germplasm, development of our poor country men and also regular research for the Socio economic development of our poor farmers through animal husbandry.

We have a bamboo goat house which is fit for our humid environment with a variety of fodder culture.

Bengal Goat one of the best well known goat species in world. Phenotypically they are small in size ( Avg. Body weight of Buck 25 to 30 Kg and Doe 15 to 20 Kg.), legs are short in length, horns are short and horizontal position of the ears are the main identical character of this breed. Black, Brown and white are the common colour of these breed. In between them Black colour breed known as the famous �Black Bengal goat�. It Is the precious livestock assets of Bangladesh and eastern region of India. Because it has the valuable characteristics likes